Lois Arlene Thompson

The Gibson Trio consisted of Denny Kelso on Bass (for some time) then later Gene Brown on Bass (also for some time) and a couple different drummers over a period of time i.e. Don Cappa and Pat Webb. By Lois joining the group, her unique vocal sound and excellent guitar skills would add quite a bit to the overall sound of The Gibson Trio. They continued for several years as The Gibson Trio working gigs in Nevada, Oregon, Washington and surrounding areas. While the Trio was still working at Taylors View Point in Portland Oregon, the current drummer and bass player at the time had decided to leave the group and go on to other musical adventures. At this time, Bobby made the decision to call and possibly hire his and Lois's Friends from another band that they met in Lewiston Idaho in 1962, to see if they were interested in joining the band. Walt Rogers would play drums, Lorri Rogers would play bass and all would share vocal duties. So low and behold Walt and Lorri took the gig. So Walt and Lorri came to Taylor's View Point in Portland Oregon, joined the band, and they continued to play as the house band at Taylor's View Point for a few months. A new state of the art, at the time, night club opened in Portland,Oregon called the Flower Drum in which they too hired house bands. The owner Ray Lukich, one of the co-owners contacted Bobby and presented an offer that Bobby could not turn down. So they took the gig and became the house band for the Flower Drum. This lasted for some time until Bobby and Lois decided to amicably divorce. At that time the group then morphed into the Walt Rogers Four but only had three members. So in order to accomodate this fourth position the band needed another guitar player. So Walt decided another girl would be great for the band and add to it vocally. Read More About the Walt Rogers Four